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SAMEDAY CRITICAL is a medical only courier service that started in 2006 in Columbus, Ohio. Our idea was simple, build the most RELIABLE medical courier service in the area. Our formula: charge a fair and competitive price, build a network of the very best and most compassionate medically trained couriers, operate with the best technology possible, work every day to strengthen our relationships with our customers big and small, and of course, be RELIABLE!!

We are also very proud to have the lowest staff turnover rate of all courier companies in the Ohio and Pennsylvania areas. From 2006 2013, our annual turnover is less than 3%. One big reason is because of our commitment in helping our courier partners to succeed. When owner operators are happy, they reflect that to your patients. All SDC couriers are professional in appearance and are annually trained in:

  • Exposure Control

  • Spill Cleanup

  • Specimen Integrity and Transportation


  • Overview of OSHA Administrative Requirements

  • Incident Documentation & Reporting

  • Hep-B policies

  • MSDS and more!

Our annual training is done by INTEGRITY MEDICAL COURIER TRAINING located in Colorado Spring, CO. In addition, all owner operators are drug screened and undergo a complete background check. All owner operators and staff understand the importance of confidentiality, being on time, being friendly and of course, being extremely RELIABLE. Over the past 10 years, outstanding customer service and RELIABILITY have all but vanished within the courier industry. Our mission is to show you what its like again.

Meets OSHA regs 29 CFR 1910.1030

Give us a call and lets begin.

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